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Public Record - Technology and Counter-Terrorism – April 27, 2004 (Part 6 of 7)

Reboot Communications hosts a conference entitled “Strategies for Public Safety, Technology and Counterterrorism: Prevention, Protection, and Pursuit,” in Ottawa, Ont., April 27, 2004.

In this session, Bill Connor (the chairman of Entrust Inc.) discusses cyber-security strategies, including collaboration between the public and private sectors. Tiffany Jones (North America Government Relations, Symantec) summarizes a report by Symantec on the state of internet security. David Gork (the RCMP commander of technical operations) defines “cyber terrorism.” Dave Douglas (Organized Crime Agency of B.C.) discusses the challenges posed to law enforcement agencies by the convergence of cyber crime, organized crime, and terrorism. The session is introduced by retired RCMP commissioner John L’Abbé.

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