November 8, 2017

Revue Politique

November 8, 2017

The use offshore tax havens is depriving the Canadian tax system of billions of dollars. Pierre Donais discusses the issue with reporter Jean-François Cloutier, author of ” La grande dérive”.
MPs David Lametti (Liberal), Bernard Généreux (Conservative), Robert Aubin (NDP) and Michel Boudrias (Bloc Québécois) comment on the federal government’s efforts to recover unpaid taxes.
Donald Trump is marking his administration’s first anniversary. Rafael Jacob, an expert on U.S. politics, reviews the impact Mr. Trump’s presidency has made so far.


image - Pierre Donais

Pierre Donais

Drawing on four decades of radio and TV experience, Pierre has a reputation for being as personable as he is astute. He joined CPAC in 2003 to host Revue Politique, a nightly review of the day’s politics for Francophone viewers. He also delves into the personal with guests on Tête à Tête. A former anchor and journalist at TQS and Télémédia CIMF-FM in Outaouais, Pierre also served as radio host and station manager. He has recently completed his Master’s degree in law at the University of Ottawa.