June 18, 2012


June 18, 2012

Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke to reporters at the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Los Cabos, Mexico. The Prime Minister commented on the results of the Greek elections and the effect on Europe’s economic crisis.

Treasury Board President Tony Clement, NDP Finance critic Peggy Nash and interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae discussed the government’s refusal to disclose details of the budget cuts that are requested by Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page.

NDP Ethics critic Charlie Angus and Rae responded to questions about the Liberal motion calling on Dean Del Mastro to testify at the House Ethics committee. The parliamentary secretary to the Prime Minister is being investigated by Elections Canada for allegedly exceeding his campaign limit during the 2008 election.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May commented on her challenge to Conservative MPs to take a quiz on the budget bill. Rae and Nash also spoke to reporters about the quiz.