April 17, 2013


April 17, 2013

NDP House Leader Nathan Cullen, Liberal House Leader Dominic LeBlanc and Bloc Québécois Leader Daniel Paillé discuss allegations the Conservative government showed details of its electoral reform bill to its caucus before the legislation was tabled.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair respond to questions about the NDP’s position on the Charter.

Conservative MP Mark Warawa comments on his decision to withdraw his motion on sex-selective abortion. He also discusses the issue of MPs’ free speech. Conservative MPs Leon Benoit and Brent Rathgeber and Cullen speak to reporters as well about MPs being muzzled.

Defence Minister Peter MacKay, Labour Minister Lisa Raitt, Conservative Senator Thomas McInnis, Mulcair and Trudeau pay tribute to singer Rita MacNeil, who passed away yesterday from post-surgery complications.