September 19, 2003


September 19, 2003

Press scrum highlights from Parliament Hill for the week of September 15 – September 19, 2003.

Stan Keyes (Liberal MP), Allan Rock (Industry Minister), and Peter MacKay (Progressive Conservative Party leader) discuss the transition of power in the Liberal Party from Prime Minister Jean Chrétien to Liberal Party leadership candidate Paul Martin.

Stephen Harper (leader of the Opposition), Martin Cauchon (Justice Minister), Herb Dhaliwal (Natural Resources Minister), and Elsie Wayne (PC Deputy House Leader) speak about the same-sex marriage bill (Bill C-38). Later, Paul Martin (Liberal MP), Martin Cauchon, Stephen Harper, Peter MacKay, and Jack Layton (NDP leader) discuss the vote on Bill C-38. Martin Cauchon, Svend Robinson (NDP international human rights critic), and Stephen Harper discuss the debate over same-sex marriage and Bill C-38.

Martin Cauchon and Gilles Duceppe (Bloc Québécois leader) discuss public funding for the Montreal Grand Prix. Stephen Harper discusses allegations concerning the use of government funds for Liberal Party advertisements. Ralph Goodale (Minister of Public Works) discusses the RCMP investigation into sponsorship funding.

Transport Minister David Collenette speaks about the foreign ownership of Canadian airlines. Carole-Marie Allard (Parliamentary Secretary for Canadian Heritage), John Williams (Canadian Alliance critic for the Treasury Board), and Monte Solberg (Canadian Alliance critic for Foreign Affairs) discuss government spending.

Agriculture Minister Lyle Vanclief discusses the state of the Canadian beef market after a widespread outbreak of mad cow disease in May 2003. Stephen Harper and Peter MacKay discuss merger talks between the Canadian Alliance and PC parties.

NDP leader Jack Layton and NDP MP Pat Martin discuss their concerns about Paul Martin’s government and a trip to Russia taken by Governor General Adrienne Clarkson. National Defence Minister John McCallum discusses used submarines. Denis Coderre (