L.M.P. v. L.S.

Supreme Court Hearings

L.M.P. v. L.S.

L.M.P. v. L.S. – April 20, 2011
Case #33749

The Supreme Court is hearing an appeal that involves a dispute over spousal support.

The parties in this appeal were married in 1988, had two children and were divorced in 2003. The appellant was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a year after the marriage and stopped working as a representative for Revlon. She has been receiving permanent disability benefits of $16,956 a year from her former employer’s health insurance plan. The respondent is a lawyer who was earning $165,000 a year at the time of their 2003 divorce.

In 2007, the appellant sought to increase her spousal support of almost $45,000 a year and child support of almost $10,000. The respondent argued that the appellant was not looking for work even though she was capable of working outside the home.

The Superior Court of Quebec and the Quebec Court of Appeal ruled that the appellant’s spousal support should be reduced.