Corp, v. CDN US Assoc of Professional Baseball

Supreme Court Hearings Corp, v. CDN US Assoc of Professional Baseball Corporation, et al. v. Canadian American Association of Professional Baseball Ltd., et al.
Case # 33999

Rapidz Baseball fielded a professional baseball team in the Can-Am League during the 2008 season. The Rapidz Baseball team played its home games in a stadium owned by the City of Ottawa. Rapidz Baseball gave the League notice that it would be unable to operate beyond 2008 because of losses it had incurred during the season. Rapidz Baseball applied under the League’s by-laws to withdraw voluntarily because of financial hardship but the League’s Board rejected the application. Rapidz Baseball and its related companies sued the League and its principals, and the City of Ottawa, both in contract and tort. The League brought a motion from the Rules of Civil Procedure to stay or dismiss this on the ground that an Ontario court has no jurisdiction over the subject matter of the action.