Louis Bernard

Tête à Tête

Louis Bernard

Tête à Tête is a program about people who have made headlines in French-speaking Canada. In this episode, Pierre Donais sits down with Louis Bernard. In the late 1960s, Louis Bernard served as Deputy Minister in several Quebec government departments at a time when federal-provincial relations were headed in a new direction. Convinced that Quebec sovereignty is a cornerstone of development, Louis Bernard decided to run for the leadership.


image - Pierre Donais

Pierre Donais

Drawing on four decades of radio and TV experience, Pierre has a reputation for being as personable as he is astute. He joined CPAC in 2003 to host Revue Politique, a nightly review of the day’s politics for Francophone viewers. He also delves into the personal with guests on Tête à Tête. A former anchor and journalist at TQS and Télémédia CIMF-FM in Outaouais, Pierre also served as radio host and station manager. He has recently completed his Master’s degree in law at the University of Ottawa.