The Great Free Trade Debate

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The Great Free Trade Debate

The Great Free Trade Debate – The Federal Election of 1988

The Great Free Trade election of 1988 is remembered as one of the most dramatic and exciting campaigns this country has ever seen. It was an election fought over a single issue- the Canada –U.S. free trade agreement. Supporters viewed it as the golden road to prosperity. Opponents viewed it as a path to economic ruin and a sell out of Canadian sovereignty. Opinion may have been bitterly divided but almost everyone agreed on one thing- it was one of the most significant campaigns in the nation’s history. Revisit the personalities, issues and platforms central to the 1988 federal election.


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Peter Van Dusen

A distinctive and popular personality with more than two decades of reporting and anchoring experience, Peter is a well-known journalist in Canada’s political arena. He joined CPAC in 2001 to host CPAC’s flagship show, PrimeTime Politics, and as Executive Producer of the channel has guided the evolution of programming to strengthen the viewer experience. Prior to joining CPAC, Peter spent 11 years with CBC Television in Ottawa as the evening anchor for local news.