William Aberhart – Alberta

The Premiers

William Aberhart – Alberta

This ten-part series documents the lives and legacies of ten dynamic provincial leaders from British Columbia to Newfoundland and Labrador. Produced by award-winning journalist Holly Doan, the Premiers focuses on the premiers and provinces that shaped a nation.

An evangelist known as “Bible Bill,” William Aberhart served as premier from 1935 to 1943 as his province faced bankruptcy. He ran on the promise to feed and clothe the destitute and made it his lifelong goal to fight the injustices of the poor. Acting on the principles of Social Credit, Mr. Aberhart led Alberta by challenging the banks, courts, and the press as he sought to reform the system for the people.

Featuring lively and candid interviews with Mr. Aberhart’s friends from the Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute, including Larry Heather, Olive Hutchinson, and Mary Macomber, and Aberhart’s granddaughter Patricia Hilton, the documentary reveals the story of a man who was the symbol of salvation at a time of extreme economic hardship.


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Holly Doan

Holly is an award-winning journalist and Canada’s leading producer of political history documentaries for television. She joined CPAC in 2002 as a contributor to PrimeTime Politics and has produced Our Times, The Fifties, The Premiers, The Prime Ministers and The Rideau Canal. Holly also served as CTV China Bureau Chief, CTV Toronto correspondent, political affairs specialist for CTV in Ottawa and legislature reporter for CBC Alberta.