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The Week with Mark Sutcliffe - Nov 22/09

Mark Sutcliffe and his guests hear the views of Canadians on revelations made by Canadian diplomat Richard Colvin. Mr. Colvin has alleged that the Canadian government was warned as early as 2006 about possible detainee torture in Afghan prisons. Other topics of discussion include the federal economic stimulus update, the overall state of the Canadian economy, and the ongoing lawsuit against the Ontario government over alleged law enforcement failures and "two-tier" policing practices in Caledonia, Ont., during a standoff with Aboriginal groups.

Mark speaks with the Globe and Mail’s Graeme Smith by telephone to discuss Richard Colvin’s torture allegations in more detail.

Kevin Gaudet, the federal and Ontario director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, also joins Mark by phone to provide insight into the federal deficit.

Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh speaks with Mark about internal issues within the federal Liberal Party.

Over the course of the program, CPAC viewers call in to give their perspectives on the issues being discussed.

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About Mark Sutcliffe

About Mark Sutcliffe

A broadcaster, writer and entrepreneur, Mark joined CPAC in the Fall of 2009 to host The Week – a Sunday morning, national phone-in on the week in politics. He also hosts The Chat Room weekday mornings on 580 CFRA in Ottawa, writes two weekly columns in the Ottawa Citizen and is the CEO of Great River Media. A marathon runner and volunteer, Mark is also the founder of iRun magazine and the author of Why I Run and was formerly Executive Editor of the Citizen.

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