December 11, 2011

The Week with Mark Sutcliffe

December 11, 2011

This Sunday, Mark is joined by two guests to review the week in national politics. Viewers can join in via phone, email and social media. On the program this week:

Globe and Mail Columnist Lawrence Martin
Sonya Bell, Reporter,

Tune in, call in and tweet in on Sunday to talk about:

Perimeter Security Deal: Canada and the United States announce a new perimeter security deal meant to increase security at the border while improving the flow of goods between the two countries. What are the implications of this cross-border deal?

Attawapiskat under Third Party Management: It is revealed that the troubled community of Attawapiskat will pay $1,300 a day for a third party manager to oversee its finances. Is third party management the best way forward to improve the lives of those in the community in the long-term?

Canada in Durban: Environment Minister Peter Kent urges the international community to move past the Kyoto accord at the UN climate change conference in Durban. Is the Government’s approach of signing a new comprehensive treaty the best way forward for reducing greenhouse gas emissions?

Crime Bill: The controversial omnibus crime bill clears the House of Commons Monday amidst warnings about increased inmates suffering from mental illnesses and an increasing native population behind bars. What can be done to ensure that these groups are taken into account by the new legislation?

Anything Else: What are the national political stories that matter most to you this week?


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Mark Sutcliffe

A broadcaster, writer and entrepreneur, Mark joined CPAC in the Fall of 2009 to host The Week – a Sunday morning, national phone-in on the week in politics. He also hosts Ottawa Today, weekday mornings on 1310 NEWS, in Ottawa, and is the CEO of Great River Media. A marathon runner and volunteer, Mark is also the founder of iRun magazine and the author of Long Road to Boston. He was inducted into the Order of Ottawa in 2016.