March 25, 2012

This Sunday, Mark welcomes two veteran political journalists to discuss the week in national politics. Viewers are also welcome to contribute their thoughts about the big stories of the week.

On the program:
Chris Waddell, Director of Carleton University’s School of Journalism and Communication
Elizabeth Thompson, Senior Political Writer for

Tune in, call in, and tweet in, this Sunday, to talk about:

FRESH LEADERSHIP: The NDP elects a new leader. The job ahead: uniting the party. With polls showing the NDP now rivalling the Conservatives, what direction should the party take under its new chief?

BRACING FOR THE BUDGET: One of Canada’s largest unions wants the federal government to stop further cuts to public services and reveal its plans. On March 29th the Conservatives will table their budget—one expected to trigger cutbacks. However, the Minister of Finance says it will not be an austerity budget. What’s ahead in this crucial document? And can we learn to do more with less, or will this budget cut too much?

ATTACK ADS: The Conservatives released a controversial ad attacking the Interim Liberal Leader. Yet the next federal election is at least three years away. Is this fair game in politics? And what does it say about Bob Rae, the Liberals and the Tories?

JUSTICE DELIVERED? A former junior hockey coach, who pleaded guilty to sexually abusing his players, received a two-year sentence that has sparked anger across the country. His victims say it’s a national travesty. There are calls for an appeal. Is this a sign that more mandatory minimum sentences are required?

ANYTHING ELSE: What are the national political stories that matter most to you this week?


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Mark Sutcliffe

A broadcaster, writer and entrepreneur, Mark joined CPAC in the Fall of 2009 to host The Week – a Sunday morning, national phone-in on the week in politics. He also hosts Ottawa Today, weekday mornings on 1310 NEWS, in Ottawa, and is the CEO of Great River Media. A marathon runner and volunteer, Mark is also the founder of iRun magazine and the author of Long Road to Boston. He was inducted into the Order of Ottawa in 2016.