June 24, 2012

This Sunday, Mark welcomes two guest to discuss the week in national politics. Viewers are also welcome to contribute their thoughts about the big stories of the week.

On the program:
Susan Riley, columnist for the Ottawa Citizen
Bob Plamondon, Author and Public Policy Consultant

Tune in, call in, and tweet in, this Sunday, to talk about:

SESSION REVIEW: The spring sitting of the House of Commons has come to a close after an acrimonious session, highlighted by the round-the-clock voting on the budget bill. Did the government accomplish its objectives? Was it a successful session for the opposition? A cabinet shuffle is now expected before the fall. Based on past performance, who will be demoted and who will be a rising star?

LENDING LIMITS: Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says an overheated housing market and rising debt levels forced him to tighten rules to make it harder to get a mortgage in Canada. Was it necessary for the government to intervene to prevent a bubble? Or is it too much regulation of the market?

PRIVACY RIGHTS: Public concern forced the Public Safety Minister to put a border surveillance plan on hold. Vic Toews now agrees the country’s border services agency, as well as the privacy commissioner, should look at the plan’s impact on privacy. Should the government record your conversations in airports and at border crossings, in the name of safety and security?

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: Canada has been invited to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership, gaining access to booming Asian economies. But what concessions must be made? The invitation followed tension between Canada and Europe at the G20 Summit. Was the Prime Minister out of line, offering his eurozone analysis?

INSULT AND APOLOGY: The Immigration Minister apologized to Alberta’s Deputy Premier for insulting him in an email that was mistakenly sent to a wide group of people. Does the incident reflect the kind of relationship the Harper government has with the provinces, as the opposition suggests? And did Jason Kenney do enough to rectify the situation?

ANYTHING ELSE: What are the national political stories that matter most to you this week?


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Mark Sutcliffe

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