October 21, 2012

The Week with Mark Sutcliffe

October 21, 2012

This Sunday, Mark welcomes two journalists to discuss the week in politics. Viewers are also welcome to contribute their thoughts about the big stories of the week.

On the program:
• Stephanie Levitz, national reporter for The Canadian Press
• Lawrence Martin, columnist for The Globe and Mail

Tune in to talk about:

WILL ONTARIO PREMIER RUN? The Ontario premier’s surprise resignation sparked speculation he might run for the federal Liberal leadership. But critics say Dalton McGuinty would be hurt by his decision to prorogue the provincial legislature as well as by other controversial issues. What chance would he have in a race against Justin Trudeau?

QUEBEC ON FOREIGN POLICY: Quebec’s premier waded into foreign policy as she tries to keep Quebec sovereignty aspirations alive. Pauline Marois asked the president of France to take a neutral stance on Quebec separatism. Was it appropriate for Marois to criticize the Harper government on the international stage?

BILL C- 45 & PENSIONS: Opposition parties are angry the federal government tabled another omnibus budget implementation bill. This one includes big changes to pensions for public servants. Under pressure, the government cleaved off MP pension reform as a separate bill. Do pension reforms go far enough?

BEEF INDUSTRY CONCERNS: A subsidiary of a Brazilian-owned firm took over management of XL Foods. There are calls for the resignation of the federal agriculture minister. How much has government handling of this E. coli outbreak affected the reputation of the beef industry in Canada and abroad?

ANYTHING ELSE: What are the national political stories that matter most to you this week?


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Mark Sutcliffe

A broadcaster, writer and entrepreneur, Mark joined CPAC in the Fall of 2009 to host The Week – a Sunday morning, national phone-in on the week in politics. He also hosts Ottawa Today, weekday mornings on 1310 NEWS, in Ottawa, and is the CEO of Great River Media. A marathon runner and volunteer, Mark is also the founder of iRun magazine and the author of Long Road to Boston. He was inducted into the Order of Ottawa in 2016.