May 5, 2013

This Sunday, Mark welcomes:

• John Ibbitson, Chief Political Writer, The Globe and Mail
• Susan Riley, Freelance Columnist

Viewers are also invited to share their thoughts about the week’s political stories:

$3.1 BILLION IN QUESTION Opposition rapped the government for $3.1 billion allocated for security funding that the Auditor General said this week was unaccounted for. The NDP called it a boondoggle. But the government said the Auditor General did not indicate funds have gone missing, been misappropriated or misspent. Does the report raise concerns about the government’s management of taxpayers’ dollars?

FOREIGN WORKERS PROGRAM CHANGES After continued controversy over the temporary foreign workers program, the Conservative government now plans to reverse some reforms and tighten rules. Are the changes enough to improve the program? Will they protect or harm the Canadian economy?

PARTY STRATEGY AHEAD The second anniversary of Harper’s majority government sparked speculation over the next cabinet shuffle. The latest polls still show the Liberals with a lead under new leader Justin Trudeau. And a growing number of Tory MPs said they will not include a controversial attack ad in household mail-outs. How has the Conservative government performed so far in its mandate? How will all parties change tactics in the months ahead?

CROWN CORPORATIONS A budget implementation bill gives cabinet the power to impose wage and benefit policies at Crown corporations, provoking strong reaction from opposition parties and unions. Does this change go against the principle of independence, as opposition leaders claim it does?


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Mark Sutcliffe

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