September 21, 2014

The Week with Mark Sutcliffe

September 21, 2014

Mark welcomes Althia Raj, Ottawa bureau chief for The Huffington Post and Andrew Cohen, author, columnist and professor at Carleton University’s School of Journalism and Communication. Viewers are also invited to share their thoughts about the week’s political stories:

DEBATE RE ISIL RESPONSE The absence of some senior politicians at an emergency debate on Canada’s response to ISIL sparked criticism. The opposition wants more details on the deployment of military advisers to Iraq. In Question Period, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair accused the prime minister of breaking a promise to hold a parliamentary vote. Is it Canada’s moral duty to help in the fight against the Islamic State? How will Canada assess when to leave Iraq? And what can be done to prevent more Canadians from joining ISIL?

SCOTLAND VOTES NO Scottish people voted in a referendum to continue their 307-year-old union with the United Kingdom. Markets around the world reacted to the tight race and results. In Canada, observers watched to see if there were implications for Quebec’s sovereignty movement. Did Scotland make the right choice? And what does this decision mean for Canada?

UKRAINIAN PRESIDENT VISITS CANADA Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko thanked Canada for its support during his country’s struggle with Russia. Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced more humanitarian aid for Ukraine. And the government defended its handling of sanctions imposed on Russia. Is Canada right to take such a strong position against Russia?


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Mark Sutcliffe

A broadcaster, writer and entrepreneur, Mark joined CPAC in the Fall of 2009 to host The Week – a Sunday morning, national phone-in on the week in politics. He also hosts Ottawa Today, weekday mornings on 1310 NEWS, in Ottawa, and is the CEO of Great River Media. A marathon runner and volunteer, Mark is also the founder of iRun magazine and the author of Long Road to Boston. He was inducted into the Order of Ottawa in 2016.