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Thursday: budget debate and Motion M-103

MPs continue to debate Wednesday’s budget speech by Finance Minister Bill Morneau.

Budget 2017: March 22

Watch the speech, reaction, analysis, and full coverage on-air and online.

Tuesday: Today in Politics

The Conservatives have a motion on Wednesday’s federal budget.

WATCH AND READ: Conservative Leadership

As the race to succeed Stephen Harper continues, stay with CPAC for full coverage.

Monday : take-note debate on Ukraine military training

MPs consider Canada’s military training mission in Ukraine (Operation UNIFIER).

NDP Leadership: Angus, Ashton, Caron, Julian in the race

New Democrats will choose their new leader this fall in a voting process that could last six weeks.

Five by-elections set for April 3

New MPs will come from ridings in Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.

Friday: Today in Politics

Debate continues on Bill C-22.

Thursday: Today in Politics

The Conservatives have a motion on tax benefits for military members.

March 8: International Women’s Day

Watch CPAC coverage of the right to vote and the Famous Five.

Wednesday: Today in Politics

MPs vote on bills S-217 and C-211.

Tuesday: Today in Politics

The NDP has an opposition day motion on tax evasion and closing loopholes.