READ: Government releases survey on voting reform

READ: Government releases survey on voting reform

January 25, 2017 10:34amET

The government has released the results of its online consultation on democratic reform and the voting process.

Mmore than 380,000 people responded online or by telephone, according to the report made public late Tuesday.

Among the highlights, according to the data provided:

  • Canadians’ top priorities for electoral reform, in order, are deliberative governance and considering all viewpoints, accountability for voters, cross-party collaboration, and increasing voter turnout.

  • “Canadians express a clear preference for a cooperative Parliament where parties work together to develop policy and share accountability for policy outcomes—so long as it remains clear who is ultimately accountable.”

  • “Canadians are divided as to how proactive the government should be in taking measures to improve the disparity between the composition of Parliament and of Canadian society in general.”

  • “With respect to leadership style, the findings suggest that Canadians generally prefer a deliberative government over a decisive one. They express a consistent preference for parties that compromise with one another rather than those that act unilaterally.”

Read the full report:

As for the accuracy of the data, the report auhors say:

User responses to were weighted to the census in an effort to increase the representativeness of the findings. The data were weighted by gender, age, education, occupation, mother tongue, income, and region.

-Andrew Thomson