Annotated Hansard and the First World War

Annotated Hansard and the First World War

Read excerpts from Parliament, combined with with CPAC’s own footnotes:


August 1914: The outbreak of war

The House of Commons returns early from the summer break amidst news that the British Empire — Canada included — is at war in Europe.


Senate debates: August 1914

The upper chamber is also recalled for a brief summer session upon the outbreak of war.


Borden calls for conscription (May 18, 1917)

Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden describes his visit to England and the Western Front, and promotes conscription as a necessary element of winning the war.


Military Service Act (Aug. 29, 1917)

The controversial 1917 bill to establish conscription in Canada during the First World War.


Military Voters Act (Sept. 20, 1917)

The legislation to give the vote to all Canadian soldiers during the First World War, regardless of their residence status.


Wartime Elections Act (Sept. 20, 1917)

The bill removed voting rights from those born in enemy countries and naturalized after March 1902 — except those with a son, grandson, or brother on active duty.


1918 Speech from the Throne

Borden’s Union government is re-elected against opposition from “Laurier Liberals” and charts their course as the new Parliament is summoned.

-Compiled by Andrew Thomson