Choose Your Viewing Language

Pursuant to CRTC regulations, CPAC programming is available to viewers in both English and French. In some regions, CPAC is available on a separate channel in the alternate language, while in others, a technology called SAP (Secondary Audio Programming) provides viewers with bilingual access to CPAC’s signal.

Here is some important information about SAP that will introduce you to this useful television viewing option.

(Please note that the instructions provided are based on industry standard and do not apply to all television sets.)

What is SAP?

Secondary Audio Programming (SAP) is a useful television feature that allows you to receive a second audio signal for certain broadcast services, like CPAC. With SAP being offered for CPAC in select regions, you can now receive House of Commons proceedings in both English and French on the same channel, if your television is equipped with SAP.

Does my television have the SAP option?

SAP is available on most television sets with stereo sound that have been manufactured within the last ten years.

In which service areas is SAP currently available?

Please contact your video service provider to find out if SAP is being offered in your area.

How do I activate SAP?

a) With Your Remote

1. Simply press the SAP/MTS/Audio button on your remote control to activate and deactivate.

b) Through On-Screen Programming

1. Enter the on-screen programming of your television set by pressing the “Menu” button.

2. Using the arrows, search for the Audio menu. Press Enter.

3. Under the audio menu, using the arrows, scroll to SAP/MTS. Press Enter.

c) With Digital Cable Service

1. Select the on-screen menu on your set-top box by pressing the Settings button.

2. Using the arrow keys, scroll to the Audio option and select the language of your choice.


If you cannot activate SAP on your television set following the instructions provided, please visit the website of your television’s manufacturer to obtain information on how to activate SAP on your television set. (