Conservative Leadership 2020: The Voting

Conservative Leadership 2020: The Voting

By Andrew Thomson | UPDATED June 19, 2020 10:06amET

Conservative party members will again use a single secret ballot to rank their preferred candidates, submitted by mail in the wake of COVID-19 and an end to in-person polling stations.

Each of Canada’s 338 electoral districts is worth 100 points regardless of membership size — a contentious rule in the past for some party members who believe this punishes larger riding associations and violates the principle of voter equality.

Points are assigned based on a candidate’s percentage in each district. A majority of points (16,901) is required to declare a new leader.

If no winner emerges in the first round, the lowest candidate is dropped and the second preferences on their ballots are reassigned to the remaining candidates. The process repeats in subsequent rounds until a winner emerges.

This system elected Stephen Harper in 2004 and Andrew Scheer in 2017 — and Justin Trudeau for the Liberals in 2013. The Progressive Conservatives had a similar process for Joe Clark’s 1998 victory.

Eligible voters had to be a Conservative party member as of May 15.

Read the official rules: