Rick Peterson

Rick Peterson


AGE: 61

Businessman and venture capitalist in Vancouver, B.C.

Former leadership candidate for the B.C. Conservatives.


  • Elimination of corporate income tax, flat 15% personal income tax rate, raising of GST by four percentage points to nine per cent, downsizing of Canada Revenue Agency, ending of corporate subsidies
  • Creation of the “Maple Leaf Account” to replace TFSAs, with $10,000 annual limit, more eligible investments, and $100,000 contribution limit
  • Tiered security screening and “increased terrorist surveillance”
  • Immigration: opposed to “values test” for citizenship, double the number of economic immigrants
  • More infrastructure spending in northern Canada
  • Professional social media and fundraising training for local EDAs
  • Allow provinces to innovate in health care delivery while maintaining universality, including private insurance and services
  • Federal transfers to be based on “equal needs” instead of “equal per capita” funding
  • Quebec government to collect federal income tax in that province
  • Supports legislation to prevent sex-selective abortion but is pro-choice
  • Creation of a “bounty” system to combat opioid trafficking, along with stricter sentencing
  • Firearms: proposals include scrapping the firearms advisory committee, removing regulatory power from the RCMP, and a streamlined classification system



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