Friday: Today in Politics and Podcast

Friday: Today in Politics and Podcast

February 9, 2018 6amET

MPs return to the government’s political financing and fundraising bill.

Bill C-50 would compel public disclosure of events involving the prime minister, cabinet ministers, party leaders, and leadership candidates. It would also apply to any event that costs more than $200 to attend.

C-50 would require such events to be publicly announced at least five days in advance, with the names and addresses of attendees reported to Elections Canada for public disclosure.

This week in the House of Commons will end with debate on a bill from Conservative MP Tony Clement (C-371) to prevent foreign funding connected to radicalization and terrorism.

Canadian religious, cultural, and education organizations would be barred from accepting money or gifts from foreign governments (and individuals and entities connected to them) if:

there are reasonable grounds to believe that the foreign state promotes religious intolerance, subjects its citizens to torture or other cruel punishment or engages in activities that support radicalization.”

The annual Manning Networking Conference begins today in Ottawa. WATCH LIVE ONLINE on

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks tonight at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California.

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-Andrew Thomson