Tuesday: Senate Debate Continues on C-45 Government Response

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Tuesday: Senate Debate Continues on C-45 Government Response


UPDATED June 19, 2018 12:03pm ET

The Senate is expected to continue debate on the government’s response to upper-chamber amendments after the motion passed the House of Commons yesterday. 

The government opposed the Senate’s change that gives provinces and territories the power to ban home cultivation, arguing:

The government has been clear that provinces and territories are able to make additional restrictions on personal cultivation but that it is critically important to permit personal cultivation in order to support the government’s objective of displacing the illegal market.

Manitoba and Quebec have indicated a preference for banning home cultivation of cannabis; C-45 would allow up to four cannabis plants at a person’s “dwelling-house.”

The Senate had rejected an outright ban on home cultivation.

The government also rejected:

  • a ban on cannabis companies using branded merchandise to market their products.
  • requiring corporate transparency from cannabis producers that receive federal licences. This would include the names of directors and officers, who holds controlling interest, and parent corporation or trust, and the names of shareholders. Conservative Senator Claude Carignan promoted the measure as necessary “to prevent the involvement of organized crime in the cannabis industry through the use of tax havens.
  • making “social sharing” with someone less than two years younger a ticketable offence instead of indictable — and instead of no penalty at all, as the social affairs committee decided in adopting 40 earlier amendments. The measure is aimed at those who share cannabis with those not of legal age, and would be limited to 5 grams.

The Senate passed more than 40 amendments before returning the bill to the Commons.

-Andrew Thomson