Tuesday: In the House and In Committee

Tuesday: In the House and In Committee

UPDATED May 1, 2018 1:48pmET

The Conservatives have an opposition day in the House of Commons. Their motion looks at carbon pricing and whether the government is disclosing enough information on its potential impact:

That, given the Liberal government made a specific campaign promise to Canadians that “government data and information should be open by default, in formats that are modern and easy to use”, the House hereby order that all documents be produced in their original and uncensored form indicating how much the federal carbon tax proposed in Budget 2018 will cost Canadian families in order to put an end to the carbon tax cover-up.

Watch live:

Here’s what Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre told reporters this morning before introducing the motion:

Conservative MPs have repeatedly raised the issue during recent question periods, with the government defending its approach to carbon pricing and climate change.

Here are the first three exchanges from yesterday afternoon:

The government released a report yesterday that claims:

GDP growth would remain strong with pan-Canadian carbon pricing. Applying the federal carbon pricing system to the nine provinces and territories that are not pricing carbon pollution today would not be expected to have any significant impact on national economic growth rates in the context of a more than $2 trillion economy. It is also likely to stimulate innovation, investments in clean technology and benefit long-term growth opportunities, although these benefits are not included in the modelling analysis.

This followed last week’s analysis from the Parliamentary Budget Officer report that projects Canada’s 2022 GDP to be 0.5 per cent lower because of carbon pricing.

MPs also vote on last week’s NDP motion calling for an official papal apology for the Catholic church’s involvement in residential schools.

Here’s what you can expect in committee:

-Andrew Thomson