Tuesday: AggregateIQ questioned at ethics committee

Tuesday: AggregateIQ questioned at ethics committee


UPDATED April 24, 2018 12:01pmET

AggregateIQ executives spoke to journalists in Ottawa after this morning’s committee appearance:

Top executives from the Canadian company linked to the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica personal data controversy appear at the Commons ethics committee.

AggregateIQ CEO Zackary Massingham and COO Jeff Silvester are on the witness list.

The Victoria, B.C.-based company has been connected to Cambridge Analytica, the “Vote Leave” Brexit campaign in the United Kingdom, and recent U.S. elections — especially after last month’s British committee testimony by Canadian whistleblower Christopher Wylie. Facebook has since suspended the firm from its platform, according to reports.

The Canadian committee is studying the implications of the “breach of personal information” involving 87 million people that made global headlines this spring. MPs grilled Facebook executives last week over the data mining scandal that saw more than 600,000 Canadian Facebook users told their personal information was compromised through third party applications without their consent.

They also heard from the federal privacy commissioner, who is investigating AggregateIQ in cooperation with British Columbia officials, and called for stricter regulation of how political parties gather and use the personal information of voters.

Here’s what else to watch for in committee today:

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  • Two retired majors-general, Lewis Mackenzie and Denis Thompson, speak about peacekeeping at the Commons defence committee.
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-Andrew Thomson