Electoral Reboot: Around the World

Electoral Reboot: Around the World

All kinds of voting systems are used for legislatures around the world — even if the elections themselves aren’t always democratic.

Several countries have the same First-Past-the-Post, winner-take-all system as Canada, the United Kingdom, and United States.

Proportional representation with party lists is also a popular option, especially in Europe and South America. Mixed systems that combine FPTP and PR are also found on all continents.

Few countries use the Alternative Vote system of ranked ballots, though the Two-Round runoff system is found across Africa and the Middle East.

Voters use these and other systems to elect their lower chambers: from the House of Assembly (Swaziland) and House of Keys (Isle of Man), to the Chamber of Deputies (Mexico) and Chamber of Representatives (Belgium). From the Estates of Curaçao to Denmark’s Folketing to Mongolia’s State Great Khural.

Browse the map, from the largest countries to the smallest territories, to find out more!

-Compiled by Andrew Thomson