Mission Statement

CPAC’s Mission Statement:

Provide ubiquitous access to the raw material of Canadian democracy through:

  • Parliament: Our priority is to provide live, gavel to gavel coverage of proceedings of the House of Commons as well as full and timely access to Senate and House committees on a variety of platforms.
  • Politics: Multimedia coverage of politics and events as they happen.
  • Public Affairs: Complete coverage, insight and analysis beyond the headlines.
  • Preservation: CPAC’s digital archive puts Parliament, politics and public affairs in the hands of Canadians on demand.


CPAC’s Programming Principles:

  • CPAC must broadcast live gavel-to-gavel coverage of the proceedings of the House of Commons as well as gavel-to-gavel coverage of both House and Senate Committees provided to CPAC;
  • CPAC will not present its own editorial position in any of the programming which it distributes;
  • CPAC will present a balance of diverse points of view and, in particular, represent the various views held by Canadians in the different regions of the country;
  • CPAC’s programming must reflect Canada’s dual linguistic nature; and
  • CPAC’s programming will not contain any commercial content.