Charlie Angus

Charlie Angus

Charlie Angus



AGE: 54

MP for Timmins–James Bay, ON

First elected to Parliament in 2004

Former NDP caucus chair and critic for several portfolios, including: indigenous affairs, privacy, ethics, and heritage.


  • INDIGENOUS AFFAIRS: better conciliation with indigenous peoples, consent for dams, pipelines, and other projects, a national children’s ombudsperson, full audit of Health Canada and Indigenous Affairs (and dismantling of the latter department), more indigenous control of health, education, and social services
  • TRADE: NAFTA reform should have better protection for patents and environmental laws
  • ENVIRONMENT: establish a Carbon Budget Council to mimic similar bodies in the U.K., legislate caps on greenhouse gas emissions, establish a Renewable Energy Crown Corporation
  • HEALTH: national pharmacare program
  • TAXES AND BENEFITS: increase to the Working Income Tax Benefit, three-point income tax raise for $250,000 and above, federal minimum wage of $15 per hour, free post-secondary tuition
  • ECONOMY: companies receiving federal subsidies would need to control corporate bonuses and ensure jobs remain in Canada


Charlie Angus speaks with Peter Van Dusen ahead of the candidate showcase:

Here’s his full showcase presentation (Sept. 17):

Angus appeared on PrimeTime Politics earlier in 2017 (March 6):

Finally, his Feb. 26 campaign launch in Toronto: