Guy Caron

Guy Caron

Guy Caron



AGE: 49

MP for Rimouski-Neigette–Témiscouata–Les Basques, Que.

First elected to Parliament in 2011

Served as NDP critic for finance, industry, and ACOA


  • TAXES AND BENEFITS: corporate tax raise from 15 to 19 per cent, taxable basic income supplement for low-income Canadians under “LICO” line, creation of a tax crimes division at the Department of Justice, creation of a “Financial Activities Tax” on bank profits and executive compensation, reduction of hours required for EI eligibility from 900 to 360, full CPP benefits at age 60 for workers who lose jobs due to economic “transition”
  • ELECTORAL REFORM: Mixed-Member Proportional system with regional lists to be used for two elections, followed by a referendum. Voting reform would be a prerequisite of any minority agreement involving the NDP
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: $90 billion over 10 years for renewable energy, building retrofits and energy efficiency, and public transit (including high-speed rail)
  • LABOUR: federal paid sick leave and minimum wage at $15, promotion of full-time permanent work and fair scheduling, creation of a seven-hour federal work day, more responsibility for employers to provide severance/health insurance/pensions for laid-off workers
  • EDUCATION: creation of Activity Accounts for Lifetime Learning to finance skills education and retraining
  • ECONOMY: creation of a Community Economic Development Program to help with diversification, skills training, and remote areas
  • ENVIRONMENT: introduction of a carbon tax over 10 years


Guy Caron spoke with Peter Van Dusen ahead of the candidate showcase:

Here’s his full presentation to members on Sept. 17:

Caron launched his campaign in Gatineau, Que. on Feb. 27: