Niki Ashton

Niki Ashton

Niki Ashton


AGE: 34

MP for Churchill–Keewatinook Aski, Man.

First elected in 2008

Former NDP critic for several portfolios, including: youth, status of women, and indigenous affairs


  • ECONOMY AND JOBS: opposed to “unfair trade deals” that increase inequality, support for public-sector post office banking, public-sector pharmaceutical distribution agency, stricter rules for foreign takeovers, competitions, and concentration, a “Canada First” investment strategy, restriction on corporate subsidies and Canada Pension Plan foreign investments, and targeted measures to reduce unemployment for “gendered, Indigenous, racialized, disabled and LGBTQ+” Canadians
  • TAXES AND BENEFITS: “living income” policy, higher taxes on the wealthy and estate transfers, more resources to fight tax evasion
  • JUSTICE: reform prison system and increase “racial, gender, trans* and LGBTQ justice”
  • increased conciliation with indigenous peoples
  • Support for universal childcare, student debt forgiveness, and tuition-free post-secondary education
  • HEALTH: expand public system to include pharma care, dental care, access to mental health services, access for all workers to paid sick leave
  • ELECTORAL REFORM: support for proportional representation in federal elections
  • ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT: more public ownership and investment in renewable energy, opposed to pipelines that encroach on indigenous rights and harm environment, public agency for green energy
  • IMMIGRATION: end exploitation of migrant workers
  • FOREIGN POLICY: Canada’s Middle East policy should return to a “balanced position”


Niki Ashton talked to Peter Van Dusen ahead of the candidate showcase:

Here’s her full presentation in Hamilton on Sept. 17:

Ashton outlined her leadership bid on PrimeTime Politics earlier this year (March 7):

Finally, Ashton’s campaign launch in Ottawa (March 7):