Order a Video

image - Order a Video / Commander une vidéo

CPAC-produced programming* can be purchased as outlined below:

To order a copy of a CPAC program, use our searchable database to find the program you wish to purchase and send your request by email to comments@cpac.ca.

You may also order the following documentaries online:

Order your copy of The Prime Ministers 14-part series on DVD.

Order your copy of The Rideau Canal on DVD.

For copies of Supreme Court of Canada hearings, requests should be directed to (613) 996-7642 or by email at reception@scc-csc.ca.

For copies of House of Commons proceedings (including Question Period) and House of Commons committees, please contact House of Commons Broadcasting Services at (613) 995-1318.

For copies of Senate committees, please call 613-949-9065 or e-mail broadcasting-telediffusion@sen.parl.gc.ca.

For all other information about our programming, please call CPAC’s Viewer Services at 1-877-287-2722 (CPAC).

* Note: Exclusions include House of Commons/Senate proceedings and/or committees; Supreme Court of Canada hearings; as well as any other third-party productions for which CPAC does not hold the rights.

To obtain the rate card for business, commercial or broadcast use of CPAC programming, please send your request to: businessaffairs@cpac.ca

Individuals or organizations wishing to post a complete CPAC program on a non-commercial public Internet site must obtain a licence. For terms and conditions and fee information, please send your request to: businessaffairs@cpac.ca