2013 Federal NDP Policy Convention (Part 3 of 3)

CPAC Special

2013 Federal NDP Policy Convention (Part 3 of 3)

The final day of New Democratic Party policy resolution debates takes place in Montreal, Que., April 14, 2013.

CPAC’s Martin Stringer summarizes proposed changes to the NDP’s constitution, including language around the party’s socialist roots and around its approach to economic management. Martin discusses these proposals in more detail with NDP MPs Peter Julian and Nycole Turmel.

Afterwards, party delegates, including NDP MPs, vote on a series of resolutions. Topics include the Employment Insurance (EI) system, social housing, health care, post-secondary education, and temporary foreign workers. Delegates also debate the proposed changes to the party constitution.

Outside the convention hall, federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair speaks with reporters about the convention. NDP Convention Policy Policies Leader party New Democratic