Pre-Budget Talks: Biofuels, Auto Taxes, Retirees

In Committee from the House of Commons

Pre-Budget Talks: Biofuels, Auto Taxes, Retirees

Finance – February 4, 2020 – Part 2:

MPs continue their study of this year’s pre-budget consultations.

Appearing on the first panel are the Canadian Association of Retired Persons’ Jana Ray; the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association’s Tim Reuss; the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s Aaron Henry and Trevor Stratton; Lazer Grant LLP Chief Economist Ken Goodridge; Imagine Canada CEO Bruce MacDonald; Fanshawe College’s Jeff Wright; as well as Western University’s Alan Shepard.

Appearing on the second panel are Advanced Biofuels Canada’s Don Roberts; the Aluminium Association of Canada’s Jean Simard; the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers Canada’s Meagan Hatch; the Association des groupes de ressources techniques du Québec’s Éric Cimon; Diabetes Canada’s Kimberley Hanson; the Hotel Association of Canada’s Susie Grynol; as well as ARC Financial Corp.’s Mac Van Wielingen.