Mi’kmaq Fishing Rights: Committee Hears from Academics

In Committee from the House of Commons

Mi’kmaq Fishing Rights: Committee Hears from Academics

Fisheries and Oceans – November 2, 2020:

The committee hears from Aboriginal law and sustainable development professors for the committee’s study of the implementation of Mi’kmaq treaty fishing rights to support a moderate livelihood. Central to the fishery conflict in Nova Scotia is lobster conservation and the Marshall Decision, a Supreme Court of Canada decision which confirmed Indigenous rights to fish for a moderate livelihood. The disaccord in N.S. stems from a lack of a clear definition of “moderate livelihood” in the Supreme Court ruling.

Participating in the study are Dalhousie University’s Naiomi Metallic, Université Laval’s Thierry Rodon, and York University’s William Craig Wicken.

MPs proceeds to debate a motion from Conservative MP John Williamson that calls for the Minister of Fisheries to appear before the committee to participate in the current study.