WE Charity Scandal: A New Motion from Pierre Poilievre

In Committee from the House of Commons

WE Charity Scandal: A New Motion from Pierre Poilievre

Finance – November 5, 2020 – Part 2*:

In an effort to get over the impasse at committee, Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre introduces a new motion to the committee. Poilievre’s new motion calls for the committee to temporarily put aside his original point of privilege and for the government to send unredacted WE Charity-related documents to the parliamentary law clerk, except for those protected under cabinet confidentiality. The new motion also calls for the clerk of the privy council, the ethics commissioner, and the parliamentary law clerk to testify before the committee.

Poilievre’s originally raised a point of privilege on October 8 concerning access to redacted documents related to the federal government’s now-cancelled agreement with WE Charity. Thousands of pages of documents that were disclosed to the committee in August were heavily redacted by government departments. (Note: audio problems with this video originate at the source)

*(This meeting took place on November 17, but it is listed as a continuation of the November 5 meeting since that meeting was never technically adjourned.)