A Historic Step for the Two Koreas – April 29, 2018

Perspective with Alison Smith

A Historic Step for the Two Koreas – April 29, 2018

This week on Perspective with Alison Smith: A Historic Step for the Two Koreas

Josh Smith, a senior correspondent for Reuters, describes the atmosphere on the ground at the summit between the leaders of North and South Korea.

Katharine Moon, political science professor at Wellesley College, comments on the significance of the meeting and what the next steps might be for reconciliation on the Korean peninsula.

Michelle Cho, Korea Foundation assistant professor in the department of East Asian studies at McGill University, talks about the role K-pop might have had leading up to the summit.

Mieko Nakabayashi, a former member of Japan’s House of Representatives who is now a professor at Waseda University, discusses how the meeting was received in Japan and what that might mean for future Northeast Asian relations.


Alison Smith

Alison Smith

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