Riding to Watch: Burnaby North–Seymour BC

Riding to Watch: Burnaby North–Seymour BC

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Burnaby North–Seymour is ground zero for the Trans-Mountain debate. This riding is where the pipeline has its terminal, and with a second pipeline being built comes more terminals and more tanker traffic in Burrard Inlet.

Lbierla incumbent Terry Beech is campaigning as a Trans Mountain opponent, even though his party’s government bought and re-approved the project. Svend Robinson has returned to the political arena with the NDP and wants Canada weaned off oil and gas as soon as possible.

Amita Kuttner is the Green candidate, Heather Leung the Conservative, and Rocky Dong of the People’s Party of Canada rounds out the candidates in this hotly-contested riding.

IN 2015:

Terry Beech (Liberal) won with 36.1% support — and a 6.5% margin of victory (3,401 votes) over NDP runner-up Carol Baird Ellan.

Burnaby North–Seymour was the 94th closest race out of all 338 ridings.

Voter turnout was 70.3%.


SIZE: 114.6 km2

POPULATION: 102,486 people in 2016: a change of 1.8% from 2011. The average age is 41.5, with 14.5% age 14 and under and 16.7% 65 and older.

CITIZENSHIP: 88.2% are Canadian citizens. 38.3% are immigrants. 2.5% indicated Aboriginal identity. 44.5% are visible minorities. 43.3% are 1st generation Canadians. 27% are 2nd generation. 29.7% are 3rd generation and older.

HOUSING: The average home value in 2016 was $1,128,547. Renters paid an average of $1266 per month, with 12.6% in subsidized housing. 32.2% of dwellings are single-detached houses; 30.7% are condos. 5.8% of all homes were built between 2011 and 2016.

INCOME: Median total income in 2015 was $34,385. 15.6% of people were classified as low-income (after tax) — 15.8% of children and 13.9% of seniors.

IDENTITY: Top reported ethnic origins are Chinese: 25990 / English: 19825 / Scottish: 14305 / Canadian: 13460 / Irish: 11875

IMMIGRATION: China, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Italy, Philippines are the top birth origins for immigrants. China is the top origin for recent immigrants (2011 to 2016).

LANGUAGE: Cantonese, Mandarin, Italian, Spanish, and Korean are the most common non-official languages. Official Mother Tongues: 55.31% English / 0.89% French.

EDUCATION: 12% have no degree, diploma, or certificate. 31.8% have a university bachelor’s degree or above.

-Compiled by Andrew Thomson