Riding to Watch: Steveston–Richmond East BC

Riding to Watch: Steveston–Richmond East BC

WATCH ABOVE: CPAC’s Catherine Pope takes a close look at Steveston–Richmond East.

This Lower Mainland riding covers half of Richmond, the historic fishing community of Steveston, along with farmland.

Just over 10,000 people here have immigrated from Hong Kong, and nearly half the population identifies as ethnically Chinese. This makes for tense conversations about Canada-China relations. And because this coastal community hovers around sea level, climate change impacts like flooding are top of mind. Housing affordability is likewise a big issue.

Liberal incumbent Joe Peschisolido beat Conservative candidate Kenny Chiu by a narrow margin in 2015, but, this time around, Peschisolido has to answer to allegations facing his former law firm’s association with an alleged drug cartel kingpin. Lawyer and Kwantlen First Nation member Nicole Iaci is running for the Green party, while Jaeden Dela Torre, an 18-year-old keen to tackle climate change and income inequality, is the NDP candidate.

IN 2015:

Joe Peschisolido (Liberal) won with 45.1% support — and a 6.6% margin of victory (1,439 votes) over Conservative runner-up Kenny Chiu.

Steveston–Richmond East was the 96th closest race out of all 338 ridings.

Voter turnout was 74%.


SIZE: 86.0 km2

POPULATION: 99,913 people in 2016: a change of 3.4% from 2011. The average age is 41.8, with 14.3% age 14 and under and 16.2% 65 and older.

84.7% are Canadian citizens. 57.6% are immigrants. 0.9% indicated Aboriginal identity. 74.8% are visible minorities. 61% are 1st generation Canadians. 23.8% are 2nd generation. 15.2% are 3rd generation and older.

HOUSING: The average home value in 2016 was $865,200. Renters paid an average of $1331 per month, with 13.6% in subsidized housing. 30.2% of dwellings are single-detached houses; 39.6% are condos. 9.1% of all homes were built between 2011 and 2016.

INCOME: Median total income in 2015 was $27,270. 19.3% of people were classified as low-income (after tax) — 21.4% of children and 20.2% of seniors.

IDENTITY: Top reported ethnic origins are Chinese: 48350 / English: 9645 / Filipino: 8765 / East Indian: 8705 / Canadian: 7345

IMMIGRATION: China, Hong Kong, Philippines, India, Taiwan are the top birth origins for immigrants. China is the top origin for recent immigrants (2011 to 2016).

LANGUAGE: Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog (Pilipino, Filipino), Punjabi (Panjabi), and Hindi are the most common non-official languages. Official Mother Tongues: 35.68% English and 0.54% French.

EDUCATION: 14% have no degree, diploma, or certificate. 32% have a university bachelor’s degree or above.

-Compiled by Andrew Thomson