Riding to Watch: Trois-Rivières QC

Riding to Watch: Trois-Rivières QC

WATCH ABOVE: Marc-André Cossette reports from Trois-Rivières

The race in Trois-Rivières picked up national interest when former mayor Yves Lévesque announced he was running for the Conservatives. All of a sudden, what looked like a two-horse race between the NDP and Liberals had a new dynamic. And with the late resurgence of the Bloc it has become a very crowded field in this city where the St. Maurice River flows into the St. Lawrence.

Incumbent NDP MP Robert Aubin won by less than a 1,000 votes in 2015 and is running again. City councillor Valérie Renaud-Martin is the Liberal, and Louise Charbonneau, a riding association president, is the BQ candidate.

IN 2015:

Robert Aubin (NDP) won with 31.8% support — and a 1.6% margin of victory (15,923 votes) over Liberal runner-up Yvon Boivin.

Trois-Rivières was the 21st closest race out of all 338 ridings.

Voter turnout was 73%.


SIZE: 125.5 km2

POPULATION: 110,515 people in 2016: a change of 1.6% from 2011. The average age is 45.4, with 13% age 14 and under and 24.2% 65 and older.

CITIZENSHIP: 97.8% are Canadian citizens. 3.9% are immigrants. 1.4% indicated Aboriginal identity. 4.1% are visible minorities. 4.8% are 1st generation Canadians. 3.2% are 2nd generation. 92% are 3rd generation and older.

HOUSING: The average home value in 2016 was $187,320. Renters paid an average of $611 per month, with 8.9% in subsidized housing. 36.3% of dwellings are single-detached houses; 9.3% are condos. 5.1% of all homes were built between 2011 and 2016.

INCOME: Median total income in 2015 was $29,436. 20% of people were classified as low-income (after tax) — 20% of children and 21.8% of seniors.

IDENTITY: Top reported ethnic origins are Canadian: 78,500 / French: 27,315 / Irish: 4,325 / First Nations (North American Indian): 3,560 / Québécois: 2,510

IMMIGRATION: Africa-Other, Colombia, France, Americas-Other, Morocco are the top birth origins for immigrants. Africa-Other is the top origin for recent immigrants (2011 to 2016).

LANGUAGE: Spanish, Arabic, Italian, German, and Atikamekw are the most common non-official languages. Official Mother Tongues: 94.5% French and 1.89% English.

EDUCATION: 18.8% have no degree, diploma, or certificate. 18.5% have a university bachelor’s degree or above.

-Compiled by Andrew Thomson