WATCH AND READ: From the Experts

WATCH AND READ: From the Experts

Take a look at some key clips and arguments from the experts who appeared at the Special Committee on Electoral Reform in 2016.

From the Experts: First Past the Post

From the Experts: Proportional Representation

From the Experts: Referendum

From the Experts: Choosing a System

From the Experts: Timeline for Reform

From the Experts: The Constitution

From the Experts: Weekend Voting

From the Experts: Diversity in Parliament

You can also browse full video and written transcripts from the committee hearings:

First meeting (June 21) TRANSCRIPT

Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef (July 6) TRANSCRIPT

Marc Mayrand – Chief Electoral Officer (July 7) TRANSCRIPT

Jean-Pierre Kingsley – former chief electoral officer (July 7) TRANSCRIPT

Ken Carty, Brian Tanguay, Nelson Wiseman (July 25) TRANSCRIPT

Michael Gallagher and Michael Marsh (July 26) TRANSCRIPT

Peter Russell and Patrice Dutil (July 26) TRANSCRIPT

Australia and New Zealand electoral officers (July 26) TRANSCRIPT

André Blais, Alex Himelfarb, Henry Milner (July 27) TRANSCRIPT

Hugo Cyr, Larry LeDuc, Leslie Seidle (July 27) TRANSCRIPT

Maryantonett Flumian, Dennis Pilon, Jonathan Rose (July 28) TRANSCRIPT

Arend Ljiphart and Benoît Pelletier (August 22) TRANSCRIPT

Christian Dufour, Nathalie Des Rosiers, Harold Jansen (August 22) TRANSCRIPT

Barry Cooper, Nicole Goodman, Emmett Macfarlane (August 23) TRANSCRIPT

Tom Axworthy, Matthew Harrington, Pippa Norris (August 23) TRANSCRIPT

Ed Broadbent, Yasmin Dawood, Jean-Pierre Charbonneau (August 29) TRANSCRIPT

Jean-Sébastien Dufresne, Peter Loewen, Eric Maskin (August 30) TRANSCRIPT

Louis Massicotte, Katelynn Northam, Melanee Thomas (August 30) TRANSCRIPT

Joachim Behnke, Frierdich Pukelsheim, Mary Pitcaithly, Andy O’Neill (August 31) TRANSCRIPT

Darrell Bricker, Gordon Gibson, Richard Johnston (August 31) TRANSCRIPT

Taylor Gunn, Jane Hilderman, Dominic Vézina (August 31) TRANSCRIPT

Graham Fox, David McLaughlin, Craig Scott (September 1) TRANSCRIPT

TRANSCRIPT: Regina, SK (September 19)

TRANSCRIPT: St-Pierre-Jolys, MB (September 20)

TRANSCRIPT: Winnipeg, MB (September 20)

TRANSCRIPT: Toronto, ON (September 21)

TRANSCRIPT: Quebec City, QC (September 22)

TRANSCRIPT: Joliette, QC (September 23)

TRANSCRIPT: Whitehorse, YT (September 26)

TRANSCRIPT: Victoria, BC (September 27)

TRANSCRIPT: Vancouver, BC (September 28)

TRANSCRIPT: Leduc, AB (September 29)

TRANSCRIPT: Yellowknife, NT (September 30)

TRANSCRIPT: Montreal, QC (October 3)

TRANSCRIPT: Halifax, NS (October 4)

TRANSCRIPT: St. John’s NL (October 5)

TRANSCRIPT: Charlottetown PEI (October 6)

TRANSCRIPT: Fredericton NB (October 7)

Byron Weber Becker, Electoral Reform Society (U.K.) and Dominion Voting Systems Corp. (October 19) TRANSCRIPT

Lorne Bozinoff, William Schatten, William Cross, Madeleine Webb (October 20) TRANSCRIPT

Frank Graves, Fair Vote Canada, YWCA Canada, Fédération des communautés francophones et acadienne du Canada (October 20) TRANSCRIPT

Bruce Fitch, Jerry Dias, Arthur Lupia, Canadian Association of Retired Persons and Canadian Forces (October 25) TRANSCRIPT

Audience Remarks in Ottawa (October 26) TRANSCRIPT

-Compiled by Andrew Thomson