Desjardins Executives Questioned over Data Breach

In Committee from the House of Commons

Desjardins Executives Questioned over Data Breach

Public Safety and National Security – July 15, 2019 – Part 2:

Desjardins Group president and CEO Guy Cormier faces questions about the data breach affecting millions of the Quebec-based bank’s clients. His colleagues Denis Berthiaume, senior executive vice-president and chief operating officer, and Bernard Brun, vice-president of government relations, also testify.

The financial institution revealed in June that the personal information of nearly three million of its clients had been improperly shared by a now-fired employee. It has announced it will offer free identity theft protection to all its members in wake of the breach. Conservative members on the committee requested an emergency meeting to study the breach and possible remedies, which include issuing new social insurance numbers for affected clients.

Following the testimony from the Desjardins executives, MPs conclude their questioning of Department of Finance officials.