CPAC’s Jonathan Craven hosts a special one-hour documentary on the First Nations Reserve of Wikwemikong. Located on Manitoulin Island in Georgian Bay in Ontario, Wikwemikong is one of Canada’s largest reserves with a population of over 7,000.

Many in the community are scarred from the legacy of residential schools, and unemployment and drug abuse are high, but there is a concerted effort made within the community to improve their lives.

Jonathan also speaks with residents about day-to-day life on the reserve. Among those interviewed are Robert Corbiere (a Wikwemikong chief), Jamie Peltier (from Wikwemikong Police community services), Rolanda Manitowabi (the executive director of the Rainbow Lodge, a substance treatment and recovery centre), and Roland Pangowish (a land claims co-ordinator).

This documentary series takes viewers inside five diverse Native communities across the country for an intimate look at what’s shaping, challenging, improving, and impeding life among Canada’s Native population.