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Patricia Pearson

Journalist and author Patricia Pearson has seen her articles published around the world for such journals as The Guardian, the New Yorker, the National Post and the New York Times. One of five children born to the late former ambassador Geoffrey Pearson and retired Senator Landon Pearson, she is also the granddaughter to former prime minister Lester B. Pearson. The finalist for the Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour for her novel Playing House, Pearson has published one other novel (“Believe Me”) and four non-fiction books, the latest being a study of near-death and related spiritual experiences entitled “Opening Heaven’s Door.”

Ken Rockburn spoke to Patricia Pearson in Toronto.


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Ken Rockburn

A veteran journalist and broadcaster widely recognized for his irreverent and entertaining interview and presentation style, Ken is an award-winning journalist with almost 40 years of experience on radio and television. He first joined CPAC in 2001 as host of Talk Politics which ran for eight seasons. He returned to CPAC in 2010 to host Rockburn Presents. Prior to joining CPAC, Ken hosted CBC Radio’s All In a Day, CBC TV Ottawa’s Rockburn and Company and was news director at CHEZ-FM in Ottawa.