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Steven Page is best known to Canadians as the former lead singer of the popular music group Barenaked Ladies. With hits like If I had $1000000, One Week, Enid and Be My Yoko Ono, the Barenaked Ladies became one of the most successful musical acts in Canada during the period of 1989 -2009. Born in the Toronto suburb of Scarborough, Page grew up in a musical family, his father was a drummer and for a number of years was one of the organizers of the Mariposa Folk Festival. As a child Page took up the piano and sang with the Toronto Mendelssohn Youth Choir and worked as a counsellor at the Scarborough Schools Music Camp. It was while he was at the camp when he met Ed Robertson and discovered that the two of them together enjoyed a very special musical relationship and within the year were performing on stage as the Barenaked Ladies. Their first hit, a cover of the Bruce Cockburn’s Lovers in a Dangerous Time, became a hit and soon the band was earning airplay on Much Music and countless radio stations. A string of hits soon followed and the Barenaked Ladies found themselves much in demand, helped in good measure by political controversy, when June Rowlands, the Mayor of Toronto at the time, banned the group from performing at a New year’s Eve concert citing the band’s name was offensive to women. In 2009, Page announced he was leaving the group to pursue a solo career that has allowed Page to score three productions at the Stratford Festival, tour with the Art of Time Ensemble and hosting a television show on the Esquire Network.
Ken Rockburn spoke to Steven Page in Banff, Alberta.


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