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James Ellroy

American crime writer James Ellroy is best known for having penned such mystery thrillers as L.A. Confidential, The Black Dahlia and Blood’s a Rover. Born in Los Angeles, Ellroy lost his mother when he 10 years old. Her death, an unsolved murder, led to confusion and depression that had profound effects on the ten year old boy. While he was in his teens his father suffered a stroke and Elroy became the main care-giver. After a short stint in the army, his father passed away and Elroy was left to fend for himself. He lived on the streets and began a life of petty crime, shoplifting and burglary. He became addicted to alcohol and the barbiturate Benzedrex and his health began to suffer. Elroy joined AA, cleaned up his life and took a job caddying at a golf course and began to write. At the age of 30, he published his first book. Nine of his novels have been made into films and in 2014 James Ellroy published his latest crime thriller Perfidia.
Ken Rockburn spoke to James Ellroy in Toronto.


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