Public interest broadcasters welcome Budget 2024’s critical investment to protect public interest programming services

Public interest broadcasters welcome Budget 2024’s critical investment to protect public interest programming services

April 16, 2024 - OTTAWA - Canada’s public interest broadcasters welcome the federal government’s investment of $10 million over 2 years to protect vital programming services, announced in the 2024 budget.  

These funds will help ensure that Canadians continue to have unfiltered access to Canada’s democratic institutions through CPAC, French and ethnocultural news and broadcasting through ICI Television and TV5/UNIS TV (TV5 Québec Canada), Indigenous news and authentic story-telling through APTN, and programming produced by, for and about Canadians with a disability through Accessible Media Incorporated (AMI).

Public interest broadcasters are not driven by commercial interests, rather they provide critical programming and serve communities that would otherwise not be represented in the Canadian broadcasting system on traditional broadcast platforms or online. These broadcasters, which fall under section 9.1(1)(h) of the Broadcasting Act, are recognized by the CRTC as services of exceptional importance. We are pleased to see the federal government acknowledge the importance of Canada’s public interest programming services and their unique position in bringing critical news, culture and information to Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast.



“We welcome the investments to support public interest broadcasters announced by the federal government in Budget 2024. This funding will ensure CPAC can provide its essential services to Canadians. In a world fractured by misinformation, we provide Canadians a clear window into the democratic decisions that shape their lives,” said Christa Dickenson, CPAC President and CEO.

ICI Television 

"ICI Television appreciates the investments announced to support public interest broadcasters. With this funding, ICI Television will be able to continue to provide critical programming to multi-ethnic communities in the country," said Sam Norouzi, Senior VP, General Manager at ICI Television.


“As Canada’s only national independent Indigenous broadcaster, we appreciate this investment,” said Monika Ille, APTN CEO. “It enables us to continue sharing our impactful stories, celebrating our rich heritage and contributing to the promotion of language revitalization.

Our distinctive offering, unmatched by any other broadcaster, reflects Indigenous Peoples’ past, present, and future through groundbreaking journalism and innovative programming.”


“Given the structural challenges facing the broadcasting sector, this funding, coupled with other support, including what public interest broadcasters receive from cable and satellite companies, will help AMI continue to provide content that empowers Canadians with a disability,” said David Errington, AMI President and CEO.


“We are grateful to the federal government for its continued support of the important work we do, showcasing and promoting the diversity of French culture from coast to coast to coast and connecting Canadians with the vast Francophonie Internationale, on television and online” said Marie-Philippe Bouchard, President and CEO of TV5 Québec Canada.

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About CPAC

CPAC is an independent, not-for-profit, commercial-free, bilingual media organization that connects Canadians to their democracy. On its broadcast television channel, website, and social media platforms, CPAC delivers the most comprehensive coverage of the people and events that shape Canadian public policy. Its core programming includes the complete televised proceedings of Canada's Parliament and in-depth coverage of key political events and public policy debates. Unique to CPAC is its digital offering, which includes up to 14 simultaneous live streams and a video archive boasting over 60,000 hours of parliamentary and public affairs content. 

About ICI Television

ICI Television offers multi-ethnic programs allowing viewers to discover the cultures and news of here and elsewhere through cultural, informative, musical and entertainment programs. The channel offers programming in 15 languages serving 18 ethnic communities, in addition to offering programming in French and English.

About APTN

APTN was first launched in 1999 as the first national Indigenous broadcaster in the world. Since then, the network has become a global leader in programming that celebrates the rich diversity of Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island and beyond. A respected non-profit and charitable broadcaster, APTN shares authentic stories in English, French and a variety of Indigenous languages with over 9 million Canadian households. APTN proudly features over 80% Canadian content and inspires audiences via multiple platforms, including its Indigenous-focused streaming service, APTN lumi. 

About AMI 

Approximately eight million Canadians aged 15 and older have a disability, representing 27 per cent of the population and this number is growing as the population ages. AMI is a not-for-profit media company that entertains, informs, and empowers Canadians with disabilities. AMI’s vision is to establish and support a voice for Canadians from the disability community, representing their interests, concerns and values through accessible media, reflection, and portrayal.

About TV5 Québec Canada

TV5 Québec Canada provides two specialty channels nationwide, TV5 and Unis TV, to promote and expand the social and linguistic diversity of Canadian and international French culture. TV5Unis, digital platform of TV5 and Unis TV, provides access to thousands of hours of French content for all Canadians, documentaries, films, and fiction series with rich and varied points of view on the Canadian and international Francophonie.

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