CPAC's Programming Policies and Principles

Our Programming Principles

  • CPAC will respect its agreements with the House of Commons and the Senate of Canada;
  • CPAC will not present its own editorial position in any of the programming which it distributes;
  • CPAC will present a balance of diverse points of view and, in particular, represent the various views held by Canadians in the different regions of the country;
  • CPAC's programming will reflect Canada's dual linguistic nature; and
  • CPAC's programming will not contain any commercial content.

CPAC's Journalistic Policy

CPAC provides viewers with a window on Canada's working democracy. Our programming seen on linear TV and digital platforms includes the citizens, groups and institutions who contribute to that democracy.

As stated in our programming principles above, we strive to offer content that includes diverse viewpoints from the various communities and regions of Canada.

We follow the highest journalistic standards in our editorial decision making, programming and production, with a proven commitment to neutrality, accuracy, and diversity.

As a not-for-profit public service broadcaster, CPAC is truly independent and operates free of any political or commercial influence.

CPAC's use of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly evolving resource. CPAC's use of AI is currently limited and described below:

CPAC may use AI tools to support staff in the following ways:

Production of Closed Captioning
Internal and corporate communications
Software and website development and IT functions

CPAC will not use AI for:

Generating images, photographs or video for editorial purposes
Performing the work of journalists, producers or on-air talent

As CPAC's use of AI tools evolves, we will be transparent about when and how AI is part of the production of our programming. Human oversight and verification of our content will be maintained at all times.